How to call this script?


How to call these tiles? thanks…like this design

you can start looking from here:
pyRevit/ at master · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

@davidvadkerti made it


thank you
it’s very powerful!

may I know how to make this kind of window form? Cant find how to make a form like this. It is always on top.

@newshunhk check the python and the xaml file.
it is basically using WPF framework pyRevit/extensions/pyRevitCore.extension/ at master · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

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I look through it and cannot find where it defined this class:
div class='dashboardCenter
or how can I define one myself?

ok I successfully define one myself using another style
but not sure main difference between coreutils.prepare_html_str and output.print_html

  • prepare_html_str formats the text to html

pyRevit output window renders html content. But this means that < and > characters in outputs from python (e.g. ) will be treated as html tags. To avoid this, all <> characters that are defining html content need to be replaced with special phrases. pyRevit output later translates these phrases back in to < and >. That is how pyRevit distinquishes between <> printed from python and <> that define ht

  • while print_html does add it to the output window itself (so you need to pass it html text that is formatted correctly)