How can I rearrange my tabs in revit 2021

I would like to rearrange the tabs in revit 2021.

I found a way here:

It works, but this way is only temporary and is back in the basic setting after restarting Revit

I tried to build it according to the pyRevit structure, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
See this picture:

Does anyone know if there is a way to permanently rearrange the tabs?


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Did you ask on autodesk forum? I found this

No. I didn’t ask in the Autodesk forum. Do you think there’s more to it than that?
The link you sent has the same content as my link from Autodesk.
This way works well and fast, but after restarting Revit it is back to the way it was before.

Yes i think there are people with better knowledge about revit.

I am not an expert by any means on this… But my assumption would be that for coding it would be in the UIApplication class or UIControlledApplication class. Neither of which has an option for this.

If you’re only needing to change the order of tabs in your own pyrevit extension, you can create a bundle.yaml in your *.extension folder with the following format:

  - Tab 1
  - Tab 2

Otherwise your tabs are loaded and arranged in alphabetical order. Note - if you don’t place a tab in this bundle.yaml file, it will not show up.

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