Hooks - commande after exec

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to make a tool, based on a hook, that can grab information from the user after he finishes to use a setting dialog box. This way, the user can describes what modifications he did and keep track of tehm when he will have to make the same operations ( like parameters, materials, units, view template edition ) to other models.

The use case is when we have a lot of linked model in a project, and we want to keep tracks of actions on each model. This way, it could be easier to update the other models the same way using the “log”.

Thanks to command-before-exec, I can make the textbox works before using the tool, but it seems really better to make it appears after finishing using the tool, this way the user knows what he did to the settings.

I saw that there is no command-after-exec function, but do you see other ways of doing this ?
I was wondering if a timer could work to let the dialog box opening before to show the textbox to the user …