Having issues with app-init

Anyone having issues having app-init.py in the hook folder, my Revit doesn’t start and get stuck at loading screen.


Hi @Rflash25,
What’s in your app-init script?
I personally still have to use hooks, but I saw somebody else here using them, even the app-init one, so it must be a problem with your specific script or the pyrevit installation.

Please post the content of the script and the result of the pyrevit env command, so we can better help you.
Wrap those info in triple backticks (```) for readability

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My code was pretty simple, I was just trying to test out this hook extension with a single line:

Hi @Rflash25, sorry for the late reply.
Can you please provide the info I asked you earlier? open a command prompt and type the command:

pyrevit env --debug

Then copy the content of the window and paste it here between triple backquotes.

Also, try to use the hooks_logger to output the text to hooks.log instead of printing it; as I said I didn’t used hooks yet, but I suspect that pyrevit’s output window is not ready at the time the app-init hook fires up. I may be totally wrong, though!