Getting all Categories a BuiltinParameter is bound to

I’m amazed at how little can be found regarding this, and I’m having a really hard time to find what I need.
In short, I want to be able to take Builtin parameter like ALL_MODEL_MARK, and determine to which categories it is bound.

The larger scope is that I want to create a ElementFilter that has the exact same categories assigned to it as the builtinparameter has.
I’ve looked through the ParameterBindings object, but it only has user-defined parameters.
And going through the definition of the Parameter is also just a dead end.
Anybody have any ideas?

Some of us have looked into this area.

For my part, I’m still stuck.

hi @GertjanVDB and @KSalmon ,

It’s been a while since i worked on the code but i found a solution to it a few months back.
the code is far from perfect but i works in it basic form.
My goals was to write a methode that could retrieve any parameter value from any parameter that belongs to a category or element.

In that code this piece gets me the list parameters i was looking for:

def GetCommonParametersOfCategory(category):
    categories = List[ElementId]([category.Id])
    return ParameterFilterUtilities.GetFilterableParametersInCommon(doc, categories)

The next methode makes a list of the parameters by there names:

def CommonParametersToNameIdList(common_parameters):
    NameIdList = []
    for param_id in common_parameters:
        parameter_definition = doc.GetElement(param_id)
        if parameter_definition is not None:
            # Attempt to convert the ElementId to a BuiltInParameter
            built_in_param = Enum.ToObject(BuiltInParameter, param_id.IntegerValue)
            param_name = LabelUtils.GetLabelFor(built_in_param)
    return NameIdList

After this my code goes a bit too deep to and too messy to share it in a propper way, it’s also a bit too busy for me to make a long post about it.
I promise i will do so in augustus when i’m back from vacation and have more time for programming ;).

hopefully this code snippetes already clear some air for you both.
Let me know if your still stuck and i’ll see next week if i can clean up the rest of the code that i wrote.

Good Luck!

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Hmm, I have not run into that ParameterElementUtils in my searches (I did run into ParameterUtils >_> which I though would have some methods like this.)
Thank you for that :slight_smile:

But alas, getting all categories of a builtin still does not appear to be in the cards.
I quickly tried checking the other functions available from parameterElementUtils, but to no success

from System import Enum

cats = ParameterFilterUtilities.GetAllFilterableCategories()
params = ParameterFilterUtilities.GetFilterableParametersInCommon(doc, cats)

for p in params:
	enumObj = Enum.ToObject(BuiltInParameter, p.IntegerValue)
	# sadly this only a single parameter

@GertjanVDB ,

i think you can get your list if you first check all categories for there parameters and then transpose this list so you would get a categories by parameter.

(transpose → talking in dynamo terms here. read: making your values keys or the other way around ;))

however this way of doing this seems to be ineffecient tho, if that is a concern…