Get specific info from Revit Help

Hey guys hoping for some help/guidance/tutelage/advice. I want to make PyRevit button that grabs certain bits of info and throws it into a google sheet. The first one I need is the area of a certain floor. The second is the total of a certain column of a certain schedule. Once I learn these 2 I think I can do the rest. I guess first question is - Is this possible?

Area Example

Hello @skyeg3 , to start things off, i would highly recommend taking a look at RevitLookup Tool. It well help you get useful information about how to get the parameters/info of instances, types and much more.

For your case, you would select the element and then snoop the selection. Then go to ParametersSet, there you will find all the parameters of the instance selected.

The image below shows a selected surface. You will search for the Built in parameter in definiton, green arrow (it is Independent of the langue used). After that you can get the exact value (internal units in Revit is Feet) or as a string, in purple, as in your print screen.

To give a clear example, here is a snippet to get the value as a string, where i is one of the selected element got with FilteredElementCollector for example;


For the second part i have not yet used schedule so i can’t help that much, but if you use FilteredElementCollector, iterate through the list of columns and catch only the ones that attend to yours needs and then get the volume of each one that passes all the conditions, it should do the trick as well.

[Edit] For some ressource , Erik has a nice list of videos for pyrevit and for what you need, this one should help : Revit API Parameters: How to Get/Set Parameters with Python.