Forms.select_parameters with parts


I noticed that the forms.select_parameters breaks when the input is ‘wrong’.

I had a selection of some elements and one of them was a DB.Part and Part has no Type thus no type parameters.

So on line 2685 of
src_type = revit.query.get_type(src_element)
will return None on elements with no Type properties.

Unsure if this is expected behaviour.

Forms.select_parameters Case 1:
only parts are selected: we can exclude type properties using include_type = False.

Forms.select_parameters Case 2:
a mix of elements are used and we would like to filter on instance and type properties (and accepting that some don’t have type properties): error.

For now I’ve fixed this (yup, I’m a case 2 guy) using a check if src_type isn’t None.

	if include_type:
		# collect type parameters
		src_type = revit.query.get_type(src_element)
		if src_type is not None:
				for x in src_type.Parameters
				if x.StorageType != non_storage_type]

Again, unsure if the behaviour is as excepted, perhaps food for thoughts.

Love to hear your thoughts

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Hi @jvandermeulen,
thanks for the report, I think you’re right! the get_type function calls the element GetTypeId method; stating the Revit API reference:

Some elements cannot have type assigned, in which case this method returns invalid element id.

So I definitely support your fix!
Are you comfortable with git to create a PR to fix the code yourself?
If not, would you like to have some assistance to get your hands dirty, or do you prefer to wait for us to do the work?

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Ill add it on Github

ok. I could need some help on creating the Pull Request. @sanzoghenzo
Do I have to fork it myself first?

K. I hope I did everything correctly. If not: feel free to educate me, I’m all ears!

I’ve forked the master
Editted the file in my fork.
create a pull request for it.

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I cannot see your work.
You need to create a PR against the develop-4 branch on the main repo

ah, I created it on the main.

Let me try and branch it against develop-4. So I have to fork develop-4 first right? @Jean-Marc

This is what I have … so I probably did it wrong

Should I Create pull request like this?

Yess!! :wink:
Welcome to the github world!

Im not sure I did it correctly. :frowning:

  1. fork
  2. create new branch from the develop-4 branch in your fork
  3. make your changes in this branch
  4. commit the changes
  5. make a PR from your new branch against the develop-4 branch

I will validate the PR from there.

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Awesome, I believe I did it correctly then :slight_smile:

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new installers will be available in a bit here Merge pull request #2135 from 3Pinter/3Pinter-patch-forms-init · eirannejad/pyRevit@45afa37 · GitHub

Thanks @jvandermeulen

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