Feature Request: sheet naming format export / import

We work with multiple municipalities and they all have their own file naming conventions for ePermit. It would be great once a format is set up and saved within the project to be able to save it out so others can import it into theirs.

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You can do this using the pyRevit_configs.ini file stored in %APPDATA%/pyRevit. The naming formats are stored under the print section:

[Print Sheetsconfig]
namingformats = {"Test":"{number} {name} {rev_number}.pdf"}

See this as well for configuring pyRevit for teams


Interesting. I will have to look into that one. For now I just copy and save the set up strings out to a word doc and past them in when I need them. This may be easier. Thanks for the tip.

I can use the config file to add naming formats for other users, but the original three default formats still appear at the top of the drop down. Is there a way to remove these or set my naming format as the default?