Family manager with its own categories

Please tell me how i can create your own family manager with your own categories, for example 1. enclosures 2. trays.

I’m not completely sure what you mean, but you can’t have any other categories besides the system categories, only subcategories of those. By Family Manager you men the FamilyManager of the Family Document, or something else?

The categories will remain unchanged. I need to create a file manager with my items.

Okay I see. Well, that’s a quite complex stuff, I haven’t have the guts yet to dig in to someting similar…

file manager with drag and drops and all or jsut a browsing tree?
the latter is provided in the forms module of pyrevit Effective Output/Input — pyRevit 4.5 documentation

file manager with drag and drops all.
for good that there was a button to load the family