Extension Manager and Git

When using the extension manager and editing the extensions.json file does the url have to be a .git url? Can it be a server url where my tools are? I want to use the extension manager but use it “locally” to my company server and not reach out to the web. I know I can create the custom folder for my tools but I can not enable or disable extensions and having a multi-disicpline firm I would like to have the user enable what extensions they want based on what disicpline they are.


I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8d5FA-7suw which was very helpful to get me this far.

If your extension is not posted anywhere online, you can leave the url empty. It is for when extension needs to be installed from an outside source.

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@eirannejad If the url is empty how does it know where to install the extension from? How do I make the connection to the extension manager using the folder structure for the custom extension?

Would the “url”: “C:\pyRevit\custom_ribbon”

Thank you for your help.

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I believe you can install extensions from the extension manager only if it is already registered by Ehsan:

If you don’t want to use git, you can still install it manually:

If the installed extension has properly filled extension.json file it is listed in the extension manager and you can enable or disable it. At least that’s my experience and knowledge about it.