Export Revit Elements to .SAT with python.


Is it possible to export revit elements to .SAT by first converting them to Geometry then exporting this Geometry. By not using a view. With Dynamo this is possible by converting the element to geometry using the Element.Geometry node, then convering it to .SAT with the ExportToSat node. No seperate view is needed for this export.

I was wondering if this would be possible with python (pyrevit) and the API.

I don’t know of any direct way of exporting geometry using the API.
If I check the API docs I also don’t seem to be able to find anything related to direct SAT exports.

But I can think of a few ways that might work?

For one, you could create a temporary transaction, isolate the elements in a view, export that view and then roll back the transaction? Does that achieve what you;re looking for?

Otherwise you may need to create an SAT exporter using the CustomExporter Class (revitapidocs.com) ?

Thank you for your reaction. I want to avoid creating views because its a slow process.