Error with OS Lib - revit could not complete the external command

Do you have this error when you use OS Lib? If i delete OS dir and past string path to “open json” all goes without problem…

My “error” code:

from Autodesk.Revit.UI.Selection import *
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *
from pyrevit import forms
from rpw import revit
import json
import os

doc = revit.doc
uidoc = revit.uidoc

class CustomISelectionFilter(ISelectionFilter):
    def __init__(self, nom_categorie):
        self.nom_categorie = nom_categorie

    def AllowElement(self, e):
        if e.Category.Name in self.nom_categorie:
            # if self.nom_categorie.Contains(e.Category.Name):
            # if e.Category.Name == self.nom_categorie:
            return True
            return False

    def AllowReference(self, ref, point):
        return True

def pick_objects(title="Pick", filter=""):
    with forms.WarningBar(title=title):
        return uidoc.Selection.PickObjects(ObjectType.Element, CustomISelectionFilter(filter))

dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))

# Pick schacko element
air_terminal = pick_objects(title="Pick schacko DQJ", filter="Air Terminals")

# Write air flow
air_flow = forms.ask_for_string(prompt="Write air supply", title="Insulation")
air_flow = round(float(air_flow), -1)
air_flow = int(air_flow)

# Get DQJ sizes
with open(os.path.join(dir, "schacko_DQJ_sq_supply.json")) as file:
    dqj_dict = json.load(file)

selected_dqj =[str(
    air_flow)], title="Select DQJ which you want to pick", multiselect=False, button_name='Select DQJ')
selected_dqj_size = selected_dqj[0][3::]

String path…

with open("C:\Users\pawel\Documents\GitHub\PYLAB\PYLAB.extension\\DuringTests.Panel\DQJ_Calc.pushbutton\schacko_DQJ_sq_supply.json", "r") as file:
    dqj_dict = json.load(file)

Ok, so os.chdir works but i stil don’t know why it doesn’t work with other methods…


Isn’t dir a reserved name or a method?
You assigned a dir variable…

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Maybe, i will look at it