Error Opening Pyrevit

Hey everyone!

I keep getting this error when opening Revit. Pyrevit has not been working the past few weeks even though it used to be completely fine when I first installed it.
Can anyone advise how to fix this issue?

Hmm. Well you could try a re-install of pyrevit, maybe a newer version if there is one?
On the other hand we should wonder what has changed that would suddenly cause this error to pop up.

Can you maybe provide the output of your pyrevit environment by typing
pyrevit env in your command prompt?

I tried to reinstall several times and unless I am reinstalling the wrong version, it didn’t do much for me :frowning:

Here is the output btw:

Very likely to be an incompatibility between pyRevit and some other installed addin
Sometimes pyRevit or another addin will use a similar dll in a different version. Both trying to load these dissimilar versions, it ends up entering the dll hell forbidding one of the addin from loading.
some of the solutions that have works in the past:

  • rename the pyrevi.addin file to 0_pyrevit.addin. It changes the loading sequence of addins.
  • disable all addins and enable them progressively. That implies using something like diroots app manager and restarting revit everytime until you figure out the ones not behaving.