Error message loading PyRevit in 2023

Is PyRevit operational in 2023? I am getting this error message and PyRevit won’t load. I can’t survive without my tools!

you need to install one of the latest releases as they are the only ones supporting 2023 (Well, first uninstall the older version though :slight_smile: )

download the installers at the bottom of the page

(and I suggest you install the non admin ones → they are installing pyrevit in the %appdata% location)


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Did the 4.8.11 installer get pulled already? I do not see it. I could be blind as well.

If you are looking for an official release from the main branch: No.
But the 4.8.11 has been happening through the dev branch and thanks to github CI engine.

You can grab the one in the video or the one just before and they include 2023 support.

There is no link for pyRevit installers where you say. Not being logged in was the reason, but apparently my account here is different and I needed to create a new one. Thanks Jean-Marc.

Got it working again. Thanks @Jean-Marc

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Is there any estimation of when a public release for 2023 will be available? We are rolling out Revit 2023 next month and this is the last piece to the puzzle. Thank you.

@SH-MEP_BM No control over it, @eirannejad is the man!
But really, you could use the WIP versions cited up here. They do work properly in 2023 (Tested for the last couple of monthsà

I did try that and I get a similar message to the person who wrote the original message. It also stopped working for other versions of Revit so uninstalled it.

@Jean-Marc @SH-MEP_BM It’s almost ready. You can download the WIP from here but I’ve been very busy and distracted with Rhino so I’ll do it this week. :crossed_fingers: