Error loading PyRevit in only Revit 2024

I am writing this as a separate topic, as I think that the whole problem got a bit marginalaze and there are a lot of people having just problem with Revit 2024. Other versions of Revit are working.

When opening the Revit 2024 there are coming different errors when trying to load the pyRevit.
I tried to follow the lines given in the traceback, but I am not a programmer and I cannot fix them, but it seems for me, that there are problems with the syntax and the plugin gets stuck at some point.

Screenshots of the error in Revit:

ALL THE OTHER SCREENSHOTS ARE UNDER IN REPLIES - I am allowed to put only one picture per post as a new user :frowning:

I see the problem already in the pyRevit folders, 2021 have all the files installed, in 2024 only Runtime.dll gets installed.

I tried copy/paste the ones from 2021 to 2024 and adjusting the .txt file to the right directories, but other files are not accesible for me. As suspected, it cannot help, because I am not able to change the code inside.

Could you send us the missing files which should be in the 2024 folder? Do you know why the they are not getting installed? Is the code getting somehow corrupted in the version 2024?

For one of my collegues pyRevit 2024 works, he didn’t unistall the previous version of pyRevit and just installed the new one. Can the previous version influence the new one?

I thought it was fault of my Windows that is why I reinstalled the whole system and started one more time clean, but the problem is the same.

Maybe someone that knows more about programming, can follow the lines and discover why code is stopping at this points and cannot go further.

No matter the problems, thanks for a great free plugin which works still with all the older versions!

Wish you all the best,

Runtime log:

Folder pyRevit 2021:

Folder pyRevit 2024:

@Macur_TVA ,

in generel you can check whether revit 2024 has the latest hotfix. And the latest PyRevit.

For your own, when you run the toolbar on several revits… you have to create function that runs by revit versions.