"Error installing package" while using install_ext_package

I am trying to create a extension and registered it to pyrevit.
But when installation I got this issue

ERROR [Extensions] Error installing package. | request failed with status code: 401 

 File "C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit-Master\extensions\pyRevitCore.extension\pyRevit.tab\pyRevit.panel\Extensions.smartbutton\script.py", line 405, in install_ext_pkg 

Anyone having this issue?
Thank you

Hi @mbssss ,

I’ve changed the title to make it less generic.

Could you please share your code? We can’t tell you much about the issue you’re experiencing if we don’t know the context.

From the error, it seems that the package you’re trying to install is not available on the server (code 401 means “not found”).

Please be aware that the python interpreters that pyrevit uses (ironpython and pythonnet) are not fully fledged python environments, and what you’re trying to do will most likely not work.

The current “proper” way to add packages to pyrevit is to create lib extensions, search this forum or the pyrevit wiki for more info

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