Dynamo Watch node to Pyrevit window


I am using a .dyn script in a Pyrevit pushbutton and I am trying to output the results from Dynamo script´s Watch node to a Pyrevit window. Is it possible?

@Jean-Marc Hello Jean-Marc, Is it possible?

Not directly, no
There is no infrastructure to do so.
What you can create is a WPF or a taskdialog output window instead of a watch node directly in dynamo

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Try this in a dynamo python node How to construct a TaskDialog? - #2 by Konrad_K_Sobon - Developers - Dynamo


Creating a task dialog is the only real way that I have found to emulate the watchnode in dynamo when using dynamo hosted in pyrevit

you could also create your own wpf window in python in Dynamo, but depending on the use case that might be a bit too much

100% - that generally is an overkill