Dynamo script greyed out

I have successfully created my own custom extension for PyRevit and one of the tools I made has script.dyn but when I run Revit it greyed out. Why is that?

I have tested in Dynamo player and it works fine.

have you tried closing and opening the revit?

I did reload and restart Revit but no changes. I have triple check the extensions set up like another folder and all yaml file corrected. I add ‘script.dyn’ file in the same folder. Still greyed out.

Did you use the context flag in your bundle.yaml file, that could explain the greyed out button if you specified a Revit version context for example.

I looked in bundle.yaml file and it has context: selection so I removed that, and it works.

Are you able to tell me what other context variables are use then selection? Is there a guide that I can read about it?

We got you covered
Bundle context