Duplicates instances


Quick rundown of what im trying to do. User selects all the beams, the code is inserting a family at all end points and specified maxing spacings along the beams, this is creating duplicates at all the end points. Is there a way to collect these and delete the duplicates while inserting an element?

I have attempted to make a lists of all the xyz coordinates and compare them but i havent been successful yet. Im wondering if there is something in the api that will return these duplicates that i can then delete.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 083138

i did find, DuplicateInstances Property in the revit api, but i havent figured out how to use it.


i managed to filter out the duplicates before inserting the family, i had to round the coordinates to just a few decimal places, as they werent exactly the same for some reason even though they were based off the same start and endpoints.

Good that you found a solution.

And yes that’s correct. Computers are pretty bad at floating point precision. It’s because of the way they’re stored in memory. When comparing 2 floats It’s always best to add in a margin to make sure.
You may have noticed that a float that should be uhm say 5.0 actually prints as 4.9999…? Same issue.

Anyway, XYZ objects have a XYZ.IsAlmostEqualTo( otherXYZ) function for that.
You can use that to easily compare points.

As for regular floats, best make a function for comparisson.


thats interesting! thanks for that information, its good to know that why it happened. im sure i will run into it again at some point. :wink: