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Hello everyone,

I’m currently focused on enhancing our company’s workflow, particularly in the context of document management. In our operations across Australia and New Zealand, it’s essential to send a Document Transmittal each time we issue something to a client.

While exploring our tools, I’ve noticed that pyRevit offers a feature called Generate Revision Report, which compiles all revisions applied to various sheets. My inquiry pertains to refining this functionality: Is there a way to generate a report specifically showing revisions applied to individual sheets, displaying the revision code (e.g., numbers or letters) along with the corresponding date?

To provide clarity, I’ve attached an example of a Document Transmittal for reference.

Thanks a lot.

@JuanRuas ,

here is a similar topic they use .html. You can try to replicsate this in PyRevit


@JuanRuas welcome to the forum :raised_hands:

The code behind pyrevit buttons can be opened by holding the alt key while clicking on the button.
You can then copy the script to your own extension (see the Create Your First Command guide for more info) and edit it to add what you need.

As per your specific question, I would say that in programming almost anything is possible :wink: but it costs time or money or both :sweat_smile:
One of the challenges I see from your example is that the excel file needs to be updated and not created from scratch, something that the xlsxwriter library shipped with pyRevit can’t do; you should use the excel interops (slow and tedious) or use a cpython script and leverage openpyxl, that has to be packaged into a library extension.
I must say that what you want is so specific to your case (find the first free column, place day, month and year in separate vertical cells, write the revision of the sheet only if it has been published) that you have to try developing it yourself and come back here if you encounter any issue.

Having a developer in your firm certainly helps for these kind of customization.
Good luck and happy pyrevit journey!

@andreasd811 how is that similar to what @JuanRuas is asking?
The programming world is already scary for newcomers, try not to confuse them even more :wink:

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we have a good IT. we already run our projects on database. And Hookups collect the data in the background. There is correlation between modelquality → costs → workhours → documentation … I am just fit in python (like a weekend-runner, to pass marathon under 4h :wink: ) . BUT i will progress…



Thanks sanzoghenzo.
Yeah, I thought about how the information would be extracted, and if I managed to at least get them in columns, the rest I can sort out using Excel (VLOOKUP and friends would do the trick).
I will have a look on that link and see what I can achieve… I can’t install anything on this Laptop.

This is something so common in the land down under that I’m surprised that I haven’t found much on google.

If I manage to make this reality I’ll come back here to let you all know (0 coding skills atm)

Hi Juan,

Could be worth checking out Xrev Transmittal. (It is a paid add-in) but will produce document transmittals as shown in your image.
Down side is that it won’t input historical info if you don’t use it from the beginning. Also doesn’t export to excel currently, which I hope gets added in the future.

Hi Logan,

That could work, in fact, it might be what I was looking for (still keen to try to create my own).
I will give it a go and see how it works.

Thanks a lot :grin: