Doc-updater Hook

Hi, all!

I faced a really weird error and I am confused.
Recently I saw an example of using doc-updater hook to set parameters for door orientation.
I thought I could use the same logic to set the Spot Elevation suffix.
So I started creating the script and it turns out that I can’t even load the revit module.

Here is the error message -


Any thoughts?

It shoudl work as advertised :slight_smile:
try and bind to a different engine (you are on 277) try 2711
and maybe a restart of Revit can help

Thanks. I tried different engine versions, closed Revit, restarted the PC - everything.
The strange thing is that the same lines are working perfectly fine with another extension.

Do you happen to have multiple hooks? in different extensions, maybe they are interfering?

No, only this one. I will continue digging and trying to revert engineering the example existing extension hook which is working.

Ok, I managed to make it work but …
I was examining the original extension -“Custom Tools” link -Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

It turns out that the hook is not working if it is the only hook in the hooks folder.
It requires the hook as well. In I am not sure what exactly is happening to make the work but with the hook, the updater hook starts working. Actually, I kept only the import part of the and that was enough.

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

import os

import subprocess

from pyrevit.userconfig import user_config

from hooksScripts import versionLogger, releasedVersion, snapshot

from customOutput import ct_icon, mass_message_url

from customOutput import def_hookLogs, def_revitBuildLogs, def_revitBuilds, def_massMessagePath

from customOutput import def_syncLogPath, def_openingLogPath, def_dashboardsPath, def_language

from customOutput import def_doorUnflipped, def_doorFlipped, def_windowUnflipped, def_windowFlipped

from customOutput import company_conf

there are a bit more library files involved.
All files are available here - Bitbucket
In the hooks and lib folders.

Maybe @davidvadkerti (the author of the original extension) could help a bit to solve the mystery = )

I also keep getting all sorts of issues from doc-updater when I use EXEC_PARAMS.

This seems to work much better for me. But I keep testing it

from Autodesk.Revit.DB import BuiltInCategory, BuiltInParameter, ElementId

sender = __eventsender__
args   = __eventargs__
doc    = args.GetDocument()
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