Dismissing popup while opening a bim360 file

Hi all,
nothing started yet, just a general question as of today:

wondering if there are some tools already available in pyRevit modules or hooks to do just that.
While opening some of the bim360 files that have cad files linked into it, I always get popups about off range limits that I have to close in order to be able to continue loading the file.
Not practical, big file, cad links changing avery other days.


maybe something based on that How to Automatically Dismiss a Revit dialog – Boost Your BIM

and that https://archi-lab.net/dismissing-revit-pop-ups-the-easy-and-not-so-easy-ways/
now I don’t know how much can be dealt with in pyrevit

You have to create a DialogBoxShowing Event handler in your startup.py

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