Disabling pyRevit Core

I am currently working on trying to use my own pyRevit extension across a team of Revit users. I was wondering if it was possible to disable the pyRevit core, or to hide those commands. My vision is to include the Search, Spy, and Refresh buttons in the extension I’ve made, along with the submenu, without having it split across two menus.
Reason: to reduce complexity and having to explain the two tabs

Solutions I am currently aware about - mimic pyRevitTools and name the tab “pyRevit”.

Or you can create a custom hook on ApplicationInitalized event app-init in hooks, and hide the pyRevit tab completely using the method presented in the Minify UI bundle. If you want to include the core functions in your extension, just copy the contents of the pyRevit panel to your own tab.


That’s a really smart idea that I hadn’t considered. I might try integrating that solution instead! So far, I decided to use the pyRevit CLI instead, and install the core module only. This works fine, though I’ve been running into issues with inconsistencies when running in “Admin” mode and “User” Mode in powershell. I think I can work it out, but this would definitely be simpler. Thanks!