Anyone play around with DirectContext3d in pyrevit and have a working example? Looks like it could be used to fill in some of the UI feedback functionality I wish we had (Revit needs something similar to Rhino’s DynamicDraw)

I looked into it a little but looks to be beyond my understanding. Curious if others have looked into it.

Look this way DirectContext3d - Google Suche
RevitSdkSamples/RevitElementDrawingServer.cs at master · jeremytammik/RevitSdkSamples · GitHub
RevitSdkSamples/Application.cs at master · jeremytammik/RevitSdkSamples · GitHub

and @thumDer did something The Building Coder: Point Clouds, Coloured Triangles and Faces

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Helpful to see a python example. I was wading through all the building coder examples and being bogged down by my very limited understanding of C#

Sorry for joining late. If you have any specific questions drop them here, I’ll try to answer.
It is important to mention, that afaik this service is only useful for tools that are using modeless windows or dockable panels as UI.

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