Anyone play around with DirectContext3d in pyrevit and have a working example? Looks like it could be used to fill in some of the UI feedback functionality I wish we had (Revit needs something similar to Rhino’s DynamicDraw)

I looked into it a little but looks to be beyond my understanding. Curious if others have looked into it.

Look this way DirectContext3d - Google Suche
RevitSdkSamples/RevitElementDrawingServer.cs at master · jeremytammik/RevitSdkSamples · GitHub
RevitSdkSamples/Application.cs at master · jeremytammik/RevitSdkSamples · GitHub

and @thumDer did something The Building Coder: Point Clouds, Coloured Triangles and Faces

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Helpful to see a python example. I was wading through all the building coder examples and being bogged down by my very limited understanding of C#