Deploy a reorganized pyrevittools.extension ribbon

We’ve made some changes to the organization of the …\extensions\pyRevitTools.extension\ (making the Load more types button more prominent, hiding the keynote stuff since we don’t use it, and really just making the more common tools for our workflows more present).

we have been deploying this in a relatively unstable way (just copied the whole tool to a network location and pointed people to it). This has become pretty tough to update properly and things like that.

Is there a suggestion for how to create that custom toolbar and more properly deploy it so we can keep the program up to date easier.

Open to suggestions. Thanks!

Since you basicaly made your own “offline clone” of original repository I don’t think there is easier way than watch for changes made in original repo and update them in your own repository.

@msweeney If you deploy the custom extension as a git repository, then the pyRevit > Update tool will take care of updating it. It is still a manual process though. You can also use the pyRevit command line tool in a login script (powershell script that runs everytime a user logs in) to keep the extension updated easily.

I do the deployment with a powershell script running the pyrevit CLI command pyrevit extend ui ...
The I do the update with the capability like so