Date of creation of a Revit element

Hi everyone, I am tryng to find a way to find the date of creation of an element. Looking in the pyrevit guide, I found a useful basic tool ( that allows you to get generic information about an element. Is it possible to include the creation date among these? Thanks in advise for your consideration


I have looked into this before. Revit elements do not have a timestamp property.

Creating a timestamp parameter for elements of interest that is updated when the model opens is one option to give an estimate of when the element was created.

Thank you Steve. Can I ask you if you have an example of a script that is able to do the trick you are describing?

  • through a hook (doc-opened)
    writing data upon doc-opened event in elements of interest only if no data is in that specific parameter, that would do the trick for a basic element creation date tracking _ that would give you a day or so window
    you could use the doc-changed but that might be overwhelming for revit.

  • there are lots of tools around to take snapshots of models (CTC has one, there is one in dynamo as well, …)

  • another approach, maybe my favourite as I believe ones needs to be lazy (or creative, depends on the point of view) is the model comparison tool in B360 to visulaze modified and new elements between published versions

  • a related discussion

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from Autodesk.Revit.DB import(

from rpw import revit, db 
from datetime import date

doc = revit.doc 
mech_equipment = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfCategory(BuiltInCategory.OST_MechanicalEquipment).WhereElementIsNotElementType().ToElements() 

with db.Transaction(doc=doc, name="Update Time Stamp"):
    for m in mech_equipment:
        timestamp = m.LookupParameter('Time Stamp')
        if not timestamp.AsString():

Why not add it to the β€œwho did that” button?

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