Customizing pyRevit

Good afternoon everyone. I have a quick question. I have created a custom Company Tab with a set of buttons using pyRevit and we would like to push pyRevit out to our users but we do not want them to have access to several of the tools, like Wipe and a few others. I, however, do not see how to customize that. I have also seen where someone created a custom Company Tab with some of the pyRevit tools listed there but than the actual pyRevit tab is not visible.

Thank you.

You can use pyRevit’s Core deployment with your custom made extension. The Core deployment does not contain any tool so you can pick just some of them and include them in your own extension. Other users can use another deployment with all available tools and extensions.


Thanks David. This sounds like what we want to do. Is there documentation somewhere on how to do this?

You need to clone pyRevit using pyRevit CLI e.g.:
pyrevit clone <your_clone_name> core
documentation is available here

or video manual here

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Thanks again David. If you had a link for “documentation is available here”, it is not a link. I do have that deploying pyRevit video queued up in my browser already but have not gotten through it all yet.

Weird, I can see the link as well as the video.
Try this one - docs