Custom Extension Path not being saved

I’ve created a custom extension that works well on my PC (Windows 11, Revit 2020.2 & Revit 2023, pyRevit v4.8.13.23177+1038-wip), the custom tab is displayed and the contained tools function as intended. However, I can’t get the rest of my team to get it to work.

Upon adding the correct Custom Extension Directory path and saving/reloading, the extension does not load and the path is not saved. Heading back into the Settings shows a blank directories box again.

Anyone know of a fix? I tried a WIP build of pyRevit on a few machines to see if that would fix it (@Jean-Marc recommended this to me about a month ago), but no luck. Weirdly it’s working for me, so I don’t see what is going wrong elsewhere.

Running pyrevit env you should get the custom extensions path you have setup on each machine, then you can compare those.

Hi, I’ve just compared my pyrevit env to one of my users, and they are identical (oddly it is stating we are running Windows 10 whereas we are running Windows 11 Pro).