Custom Extension Directory not working

I’ve been trying to fix my custom extensions not working for other users for weeks now, and with the new release of pyRevit, I thought I’d try removing all trace of previous versions and start fresh.
I’ve installed pyRevit (v4.8.13.23182+2215), using Revit 2023.1.2. I set the Custom Extension Directory within the pyRevit settings, when I reload, nothing happens, and it wipes the folder path.
This is the same for every one of my users that tries it.
What are we doing wrong? The extension has worked with previous versions of Revit & pyRevit.
I was looking to learn how to use the CLI to push pyRevit to all practice members, but it seems pointless without the custom extensions we have built.

Hi Dan,
Hard to tell from the information you provide.

I suggest that you try with a minimal setup.
I did a 1 button extension, it is zipped here

In there, you have the minimum data required for an extension (you actually have extra because the extension.json is not required, only if you want to see the extension listed in the Extensions builtin function of pyRevit UI or install from CLI locally)

  1. unzip in a new folder: New folder > my.extension > …
  2. add the New folder in the pyrevit settings section, _ note that the folder you need to point to is the folder CONTAINING the .extension folder, not the .extension folder itself, which is a common mistake _
  3. save and reload

you should see:

  1. the my tab

  2. the path to new forlder saved in the pyrevit settings custom extension path

  3. the my extension listed in the Extensions function of the pyRevit UI

thought: you may consider deleting the pyrevit_config file in the %appdata%/pyrevit folder to clear your setup after uninstalling.

Hi Jean-Marc,

I have the same issue. I tried the sample extension you provided here, also deleted the pyrevit_config and installed again, but my extension doesn’t show up as a new tab. The custom extension path is deleted from the settings everytime I reload. I’ve tried both pyrevit 4.8.12 and 4.8.13 and on both Revit 2023 an 2024. No luck!

Hi @Koosha, mine worked after a full uninstall (including removing the program folders) and reinstall.

@Koosha :point_up_2: this is the most common issue.

Possible test:
if you have pyRevit installed and run this command this should add an extension after reload of pyRevit or restart of revit

pyrevit extend ui pyBiltNA --dest="C:\pyRevit"