Custom Buttons - Wrap Button Name

I have been using various tools in pyRevit for a while now but I just started trying to create my own. A low hanging fruit for me was creating a button that when clicked, would take users to various documentation. While that was pretty straight forward, what I am struggling with is getting the button names to wrap the text into two or three lines.


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in a bundle.yaml file like so:

title: "Coordonnées \nPartagées"

the quotes are not necessary if you don’t use special characters like \n

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unless I am doing it wrong, that did not work.


In the python file itself you can override the title so that it’s not necessarily the name of the pushbutton by adding the following line:

__title__ = 'BIM Improvement\nRequest'
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In YAML you can do it this way (note the blank line):

title: >-
Some Very Long

Tool Title

Real world example is here

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I was on vacation (still worked somewhat though) but I finally got it to work this morning. Thank you everyone for your input.


Now to get the “Request Training” button to open a new email message. I may post about that as well.

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