CSV file - Reading and writing

Hi guys, I have a list of data and I want to create a CSV file and write them in that file. Could anyone please help me that how I can work (read and write) with CSV files?

Thank you so much

with pyrevit utils that could go like so

from pyrevit import script
csv_rows = [ "list with your data"]
csv_file_path = "C:\yourpath"
file = script.dump_csv(csv_rows, csv_file_path)

and the script.load_csv(csv_file_path) will help you read the csv

thank you so much. Can we have access to the specific sheet or range of cells?

for the sheets/tabs => no go (not really)

take a look at this for range of cell as a starting point:

but for this in general, knowing the structure of your data and working with list index or dict will get you a long way

Thank you so much. It was very useful