Creating Right-Aligned Tools with Custom Spacing in pyRevit Toolbar

I’ve been working on our office toolbar and I’m looking to separate production-based tools from tools that fall into more of an office culture category. Specifically, I’d like the office culture tools to be right-justified with some breathing room between them and the production buttons.

I’ve tried a couple of methods but haven’t quite got it right yet. I used a blank PNG icon and a simple URL push button code, but it still adds the word “spacer” under each invisible button.

Is there a way to implement a custom width button or some bundle trick to position things on the far right? I considered using “- -----” to create spacing, but I’m concerned it will introduce vertical bars across the toolbar, making it look cluttered. Any advice on achieving this clean separation would be greatly appreciated!

I take it from the lack of comments that this may not be possible with current Revit limitations.

Not possible to my knowledge.

Plus as I have a ton of test scripts in a dev_tab I noticed that screensize matters. At home I’m on 27"4K at my office 24". So ‘right aligned’ should be a floating one. no spacer div (html style) is possible.

But food for thoughts: why don’t you create an additional tab on your ribbon?
PyRevit allows you to easily add that extra tab.