Create interactive user interfaces

He wanted to clear up some doubts about the scope of PYREVIT.
You see, I was wondering if with PYREVIT I can develop interfaces like this image that I show… the image you see is an application developed for ALL PLAN… but in my case I want to create something similar in REVIT.

Starting from the image that you observe, I could also notice that the images that refer to the sections of the beams and reinforcements are not interactive… I mean that if I modify the diameter or add one more bar, it cannot be reflected in real time in the graphics… I wonder I wonder if it could be done…?

I appreciate your comments and opinions… thank you very much.

Make it look like it, I guess you can, you have access to WPF. Doable in python.
Check out the xaml files in the pyrevit code to figure out some of the UI that have been built on top of wpf

Make the pictures interactive must be quite tricky / complicated in WPF with the very small experience I have of it. You could load dynamically extra images or geometry (PathGeometry Class (System.Windows.Media) | Microsoft Docs)

It all depends on the amount of time you can invest on that → is it worth the effort? Is the intended design not overcomplicated already?..

That is possible with WPF, however I would say that Interactive part will not be beginner friendly

I would recommend start with the simplest UI possible and then over time update 1 feature at the time, that’s how I started building my UI for EF-Tools. I am still slowly learning a lot and once in a while trying to add a new feature here or there. Making UI is not the hardest, connecting front-end with back-end so it works, that’s where lots of frustration will come.

Also, it’s a good idea to watch some proper WPF course. I have never done that so I am still guessing and googling most of the things, but it works in the end for me.

Using WPF is not a easy way.
My solution is:

  1. Make a webserver to hold all your user interface. That is easy by using python and javascript.
  2. Make a pyRevit extension to read date from the webserver and draw your project in Revit.

Good day.
Could you share some example images of the process you mention, I would greatly appreciate it…
I am new to programming.

Thank you very much.

OK, check your inbox. Some screenshots been sent there.