Copy Sheets To Open Documents

I have just now installed pyRevit.
Not advanced in the tool at all.

I tried to copy sheets from one open document to another.

I selected the document to copy to. Selected the sheets. And selected to copy viewports.
Once the process is running, the displayed text shows that views have been copied.

Once process completed, the document 2 had all the sheets, but only half of them had legends, and none of them had the viewports.

Any idea what might be causing this?
Revit 2022

Hi @loreru, I’m sorry you encounter this problem.

I suppose you already saw the tutorial and created the first empty legend as suggested.

Can you by any chance share the revit file to us to see if we are able to reproduce this error?

If it is sensitive material, try to create a minimal reproducible example, that is, a document with 1 sheet that doesn’t get copied well.

Another thing that you could do to investigate the problem is holding the CTRL key while clicking on the copy sheet button to enable the debug log window. It should output a lot of text and make the command slower, but you can then inspect the logs for something unusual (or just copy it here so we can spot if there’s somthing wrong)

If it helps anyone in future, in later builds you can access the duplicate sheet command via Revit API: