Content Button Bundle - "Marker ●"

I created a content button using a Revit family. Now after the name there is a ●. Can someone explain to me why it is there and if I can get rid of it. I’ve only recently started using pyrevit. Could someone explain that to me?

This is my rfa file name: example_content.rfa

Hi @Manuel486,

You can find thorough explaination here

And a sample of it’s content here pyRevit/extensions/pyRevitBundlesCreatorExtension.extension/pyRevit Bundles creation.panel/button_types/content_button at develop · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

The little black dot implies there is an alternative family to the one named *content.rfa, that can be loaded thanks to shift+click _ the one named *other.rfa

I haven’t tried with only one family in the folder myself, so the dot could be there anyway which would be a bug. In this case fill in a GitHub issue. But be aware that the UI does not always refresh properly after a simple reload. Sometimes it requires a restart.

Also note that the little dot also expresses the possibility of a to run with shift+click as well. A few pushbuttons in the pyrevit base tools do have this option: minifyUI or select for example.

There are three files in my example.content folder.
a family with the extension _content.rfa.
a bundle.yaml with title, tooltip and author.
the third file is icon.png.
The button in revit also doesn’t show a shift-click option.
its like the isolate button in the pyrevit ribbon selection. There is a point behind the name but it shows no shift click option.

If there are only the three files mentioned, you should not get the dot button.

  • dot → you can shift+click on it for either a config or an alternative family to load
  • wihtout dot → you should not see the dot

so this is an issue in the pyRevit code base
I tested it, and I see the same thing as you do.

Please fill in an issue report here: Issue in pyRevit

see I dare you take 2: Github repo: Fix content button config/alt content marker - #4 by Jean-Marc
Solution by @martin.servold :champagne: