Code Signing Window in Revit Always Shows Up

We have the latest build of pyRevit installed on all our systems and we keep getting the code signing window in Revit (all versions) despite choosing always load, on just some of our systems, not all of them. While I know pyRevit is signed and supposed to resolve that, is there any assistance you can provide?

All of our Revit versions are all updated to the latest versions. And this only happens with some users, not all of them (4 out of about 89 so far).

Thank you in advance!

@ArchMiro Check inside Windows Registry of the problematic machine under this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2023\CodeSigning

This is where Revit (2023 in this example) registers the plugin id for passing code signing check. The image below shows the Rhino.Inside.Revit plugin id recorded as having passed the code signing prompt window. You should see a similar entry for pyRevit addin id (find that inside pyRevit.addin file)

Hi Ehsan. Thank you for the response.
So we found the pyrevit.addin and copied the addin id into a Dword value in the registry, giving it a 1, since the id did not exist in the registry at all.
Unfortunately, forcing that did not work either.
Any other ideas for why it is not working on this particular system?
Thank you again.

Hi Ehsan,

Sorry that it’s come to this, but I am also having the same issue. I tried the registry fix as well as renaming the .ini files and reinstalling. I have Revit 2023. It won’t create a certificate and yours is not in the Trusted Publishers list in Certificate Manager.

pyRevit works fine after loading. Like other users, it’s random. My other machine is fine and has the cert listed in CM. My colleague is getting the popups.

My hunch is that I lack permission(s) to create it locally, but what would they be? Admin rights? Group Policy? Folder permissions? If anyone has some insight, it is appreciated.

I want to deploy pyRevit with custom extensions to my agency nationwide, but need to understand what is causing the issue beforehand. Since I was previously successful, it may well be a permission level, but it would be good to know more specifically.