Cloning pyRevit extension

Hi Guys

This is my first thread here and i am totally new to pyRevit so please spare me :grinning:

Under “pyRevit_4.8.13.23182_admin_signed.exe” which is installed on our all workstations
when calling:

pyrevit clone XxxxxXxx --dest=“C:\pyRevit\XxxxxXxx”

i am getting the following error:

Error: Clone with repo path “C:\pyRevit\XxxxXxx\XxxxXxx” already exists. (pyRevitLabs.Common.PyRevitException)

XxxxxXxx is my pyRevit <clone_name>

please help me solve this error

this week i also tried the new version “pyRevit_CLI_4.8.14.24016_admin_signed.exe” but this did not solve the problem

Thanks in Advance

Welcome @moshe59
Don’t worry, you still have a few trial before anybody gets mean :wink:

What about removing the content of the c:/pyRevit folder before cloning.

But from what you are saying I understand that you already have pyRevit installed, so why cloning a new install? What is the purpose?

first thank you for your help

i did remove c:\pyRevit - this doesn’t solve the error

the clone is done to our office application (pyRevit.extension) for revit which locate on this site

the pyRevit call is done from power shell script

Let me rephrase.

  1. Are you willing to clone and install a full fledged pyRevit

  2. or trying to add your own extension/toolbar from bit bucket. The command is:

pyrevit extend

Add the -h as an argument to see the syntax.

The next call i have is:
pyrevit extend ui XxxxxxXxx “” --dest="C:\pyRevit\XxxxxxXxx "

After that, i have 2 more calls:
pyrevit extensions paths add “C:\pyRevit\XxxxxXxx.extension”


pyrevit attach XxxxxXxxx 277 --installed

and this completes the install

the pyRevit.extension Auther is external, he often update his application so we can download it from bitbucket.