CLI Model does not exist at "" (pyrevit run <script> <revit_year>)

I’m trying to crawl a bunch of models, previous the following code would work in a Jupyter notebook, but now it doesn’t…?

for year in years:
    command = f"""pyrevit run "X:/01_Python/pyrevit/" --revit={year}"""

Trying pyrevit run "X:/01_Python/pyrevit/" --revit=2021 in CMD does not work either:
Error: Model does not exist at "" Run with "--debug" option to see debug messages
Looking at the help pyrevit run --help the command should still be available?:

    pyrevit run (-h | --help)
    pyrevit run commands
    pyrevit run <script_or_command_name> [--revit=<revit_year>] [--purge] [--allowdialogs] [--import=<import_path>]
    pyrevit run <script_or_command_name> --models=<model_list_file> --revit=<revit_year> [--purge] [--allowdialogs] [--import=<import_path>]

does the takes care of providing a list of models or do the crawling itself?
Because if not, you seem to be missing the --models=<model_list_file> argument of the pyrevit run command

It does, it reads a CSV file with filepaths and loops through the filepaths starting with the OpenAndActivateDocument and extract data and metadata about the model… or it did about a year ago. :-/

the --models attribute is not optional unfortunately. at least you need to provide a light-as-possible dummy file to the run command

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okay :frowning: … it was optional then … it should still be according to --help …
pyrevit run <script_or_command_name> [--revit=<revit_year>] [--purge] [--allowdialogs] [--import=<import_path>]

Btw also in the documentation…
pyrevit run <script_file> [–revit=<revit_year>]

Error: Model does not exist at “”

and unable to download previous versions where Pyrevit still works for batch processing models

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ #uninstall

Can you try to specify revit version move accurately? I mean --revit=2021.1.4 or sth like this. I think I had similar problem (not the same, but still worth tryin) Cli revit version bug or feature