Clashing Add-in deployment issue

We are looking to deploy PyRevit using our existing pipeline and powershell scripts, but we have some test users reporting errors messages on opening Revit and the pyRevit addin doesn’t load into Revit after this.

We can fix the issue if we change the IronPython engine in the .addin file in some cases but we have hundreds of users. I understand clashing versions of libraries and IronPython in add-ins and dynamo are the cause of this issue.

so my question is:
Is there an engine version which is guaranteed to be compatible with dynamo for each Revit year? or is there one which will avoid this issue, such as the CPython engine?

How can we minimise the impact of clashing add-ins? Could we find a way to run pyRevit in isolation somehow?

What is the for message ? There might be different cases, caused by different reasons, here are 2 common ones:

In some cases, you can get errors upon loading because a user would launch different sessions of revit at the same time and therefore access the pyrevitconfig.ini file at the same time, which would cause an error that can be solved starting Revit versions a.few.seconds apart.

Other cases can indeed be caused by a loading sequence that Revit doesn’t like between an addin and pyrevit addin. Renaming the pyrevit addin file sometimes did solve it.

thanks for the reply, the error messages seem to vary, we’ve changed the name, removed other addins using DiRoots app manager and changed the ironpython engine but the fix seems to be different for every user. I’ve checked the Github issues and I can see the similar things happening for other users.

I’ve read that 2.7.3 is the dynamo safe version, does that apply to all versions of dynamo and all of the revit versions?

Would using 3.4 solve any of these issues?

3.4 will cause more issues. None of the pyRevit tools are developped with 3.4.
How are you deploying? PyRevit CLI or regular installer?
Have you deployed the latest versions? Not the one in the releases section but the ones under “actions”

We’ll be using a powershell script and the CLI tool to deploy.
We are using 4.8.12 but unsure which section it came from, I think it would have been releases.

you could try the artifacts/installers of some of the latest PR on the repo before taking any other steps. A lot happened since 4.8.12

or using the CLI download the clone ‘main’ and attaching it to revit

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