Cant excecute dyn scripts

Have 2 Revit 2016 and 2021. Create button with script dyn in it.
Cant launch it in 2016 versions Revit. Have this error. In 2021 launch good.
Test dont open 2021 Revit. Open only 2016 and run dyn at first.
Think about version dyn in 2016 ver 1.3 in 2021 ver 2.6. Scripts wrote separate for this versions.
Any help pls

Hi, I’m sorry to say that your question is a little bit vague or hard to understand. Perhaps lost in translation.

Can you maybe provide a translation of the error message?

Kind of

Reference link doesn’t point to an instance of an object

Could be that revit 2016 is not properly supported?
I honestly don’;t know. :confused:

pyRevit supported i think. I can activate tools in ef tab. In that tab py scripts of course, but anyway.
Or you suggest that opening dyn scripts doesn’t work in 2016 revit. Maybe you are right.

I tried remove 2021 Revit, didnt help. I tried google information no fortune.
I will try activate dyn scripts at home later in pure windows environment.