Can't change Revit language

Hi, there. I cant change language in my tool pyRevit. Only english avaliable
Where i can find direcroty with language pack?
Any help for that issue?


  ru: Подчистить
  fr_fr: Overkill
  en_us: Overkill
  ru: Удаляет линии, перекрывающиеся другими линиями (аналогично AutoCAD Подчистить).
  fr_fr: Efface les lignes qui se superposent avec d'autres lignes (Similaire à la fonction Overkill dans Autocad)
  en_us: Deletes the lines overlapped by other lines (similar to AutoCAD Overkill)
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:point_up_2: What @andreasd811 is showing is how the tools are being translated in the bundle.yaml file of each tool folder.

Language is to be selected in the settings of pyRevit.

Right now, tools titles and tooltips are available in English (Ehsan’s), French(Me), Russian(Dosymep)
The hardcoded text within tools and windows is not translated with a few exceptions like the settings window that is available in Russian and French as well.