Cannot create a new custom tab

Hello hello all.

I am trying to load my custom tab into Revit using pyrevit custom extension directory.
I import and reload, but the following message pop up:

ERROR [pyrevit.loader.uimaker] UI error: Can not create tab: Too many tabs have been created by the API. Instead, you may add your Ribbon Panels to the Add-Ins tab.

I have tried to rename the extention, but nothing changed.
To b fair, there is still space for tabs so, I am not sure what is the issue.

Please see screenshot

Hi, welcome,

Without the content of the folder of your extension it is impossible to tell.
You probably misnamed, misorganized something in there.

We had this issue too, and you probably won’t believe me when I say so but…
Revit only supports 20 tabs (+ modify tab)
Now I know it says custom ribbon tabs. And Your 20 tabs include the standard revit tabs. However it does not seem like a coincidence that it stops at 20. I don’t believe Modify counts

How did we solve this?

Well we didn’t, we’re trying to downsize the amount of plugins we have/need. Perhaps build a pyrevit script for the plugins that only have 1 button but that demand a full tab.

Hello and thanks for the reply.
Here is the folder structure.

In the last folders I have the scripts and icons
I hope all is clear, but please let me know if more info are required.

Hey hey thanks for the reply.
I see what you mean but I am puzzled by this because I remember I had some long lists of tabs that were going to be placed in a drop down list (a little arrow to the end of the ribbon) and from the moment I have included this custom tab, the issue started. Maybe I am dreaming and it was never the case.

Oh I believe you very much so ;p

I counted the tabs in the first image and it makes sense up to a point

What doesn’t make sense, and now this is Autodesk stuffs is that I never hit that limit. Me the guy testing an average of 4 addins a week!
I am not sure if C# compiled plugins count. This is my revit 2024 right now:


I actually counted my tabs and I have 20. and therefore anything I add or remove, will allow the others to pop in the tab panel. Omg this is impossible…also because there is no way of removing or adding tabs directly from revit but I have to move hte plug ins from the folder system etc etc…not ideal. Bruuuuu…Oki I am sad now.

but you definitely have more than 20 tabs! hey hey why is that, I am working on Revit 2022, maybe they have implement this in later release of the software?

I do but most of those are created by Revit not through the API.
Hard limit being 20 API-create tabs, not the default ones

you can use the diroots app manager to deactivate temporarly or permanently addins.