Can Pyrevit create a drop-down list button?


Can I use Pyrevit to create a drop-down list box button like the out-of-box control shown below?


Drop Down List Button

Hi @Michelle,
Using a folder_name.pulldown folder containing your buttons (pushbutton, url, …) will do the trick

checkout the revision pulldown in pyrevit

look at the structure of the folders that will help you

Hello Jean-Marc;

If I understand your answer correctly, you are referring to this on the standard pyrevit toolbar:

This pulldown contains a list of buttons.

I am hoping for a list of checkboxes with info pulled from the current Revit file and/or session.

Can pyrevit “buttons” be made to look like checkboxes?


something close would be the smartbutton folder extension and you could use a icon for the state of the icon that looks like a check box: empty and ticked. Quick and easy but not a real check box BUT the behaviour would be similar.

foldername.pulldown → button1.smartbutton, button2.smartbutton, etc.