Call External pyRevit Command


Is it possible to ‘Execute external commands’ on a custom extension command from within a

For instance looking at the journal file this is the record of the pyRevit Spy command:

Jrn.RibbonEvent “Execute external command:CustomCtrl_%CustomCtrl_%CustomCtrl_%pyRevit%pyRevit%Spy%List Elements:pyrevitcore-pyrevit-pyrevit-tools-spy-listelements”

Is it possible to call this from within another script?


from pyrevit.loader import sessionmgr

# put the unique id of the command there

To get the unique Id of any pyRevit tool, Shift+Win Click on the button and click on the appropriate item in the menu :slight_smile:

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Thanks, you’re a star Ehsan. This addin just gets better and better!

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Haha of course and thank you. Just out of curiousity what’s a use case for calling an external command directly?

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The use case here is in a doc-opened hook to call a loaded model audit script every time a model is opened. I didn’t want to copy / paste the code just because I couldn’t reference it!

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sounds like a preflight check ;p

Sort of yes. But specific to our office standards and unavoidable

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I like the ‘unavoidable’ !


@eirannejad thanks for the solution!
@eprunty can you please share how you used sessionmgr.execute_command with the doc-opened hook? I copied the code to the hooks/ file but an error occurred:

@eprunty Also out of curiosity, what kinds of checks are you doing in your audit?

Unfortunately I also ran into issues with this. It worked in the session I had open but then when I closed and opened a new Revit session it stopped working in doc-opened and I’ve had to remove the hook until such a time that I can look into it again. Perhaps @eirannejad can shed some light on sessionmgr’s availability in the doc-opened context?

@GertjanVDB it checks for elements of our office standard on model startup between elements and parameters applied