C# code in pyrevit environment

i wondering how to use a simple .cs script in a pushbutton of pyrevit, or maybe a larger extension with c# in pyrevit include wpf for UI and more .cs script
have anyone here try this ?
Thank you

@mbssss ,

my workflow is traduce c# to Python. If you not use c# as a blugin, you want get the advantages regarding perfomece… PyRevit is on the software not in the software → interpreting

here is an example:

traduced to python, and running well…

def get_document_shared_parameters(doc):
    # 🎣 Collect all SharedParameterElement objects in the document
    shared_params = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(SharedParameterElement).ToElements()

    doc_params_ids = []

    # 🎯 Get the parameter bindings and iterate through them
    p_binding = doc.ParameterBindings
    it = p_binding.ForwardIterator()
    while it.MoveNext():

    # 🧪 Filter the shared parameters to include only those with IDs in doc_params_ids
    doc_shared_params = [x for x in shared_params if x.GetDefinition().Id.IntegerValue in doc_params_ids]

    return doc_shared_params

allSharedParameters = get_document_shared_parameters(doc)

for i in allSharedParameters:

See Ability to put buttons to Tabs existing on Ribbon · Issue #492 · pyrevitlabs/pyRevit · GitHub

andmostly this one CS bundles