Bundle Context issue

I might be using the bundle context wrong, but I cannot make it work with multiple Categories. With a single category it works as expected, but the command button in revit never gets active if I have a list in the yaml.

This works:
context: OST_Dimensions

This doesn’t:

  - OST_Dimensions
  - OST_SpotCoordinates
  - OST_SpotElevations
  - OST_SpotSlopes

Any advice?

so when listing multiple categories, it means that all those categories must be selected at the same time (AND condition). I can modify to support OR conditions as well. Let me know if this is super useful


okay, got it. not a must have feature currently, but for some of our tools it would improve the user experience. for the time being i can stick to selection context and filter the selected elements during execution. tbh this behaviour is not that clear by the notion page that says
Tool activates when all selected elements are of the given category

another thing: ive found that using active-3d-view also has issues because the tool wont be active in a 3d view, and modifying the context and reloading pyrevit breaks the externalcommand for the button. i’ll try to be more specific on this once im in front of my pc


Well, I rather submitted an issue on github for better traceability

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to chip in on the context ‘OR’ functionality, yes, very much. That would be great.
Not a big priorirty though.