Balloon tip instead of save reminder

Hi guys!

I’d like to share my way of making a balloon tip using pyRevit.

Specifically my smartbutton replaces standard modal Saving and Synchronization reminder dialog by nice balloon tip:


link to the source code:


This is badass! @Konstantin
Why not adding it to pyRevit itself?

Very cool! I had no idea InfoCenter has a baloon tip API. Very nice!

We do have notification APIs in pyRevit e.g. forms.toast()

Maybe we can at lease wrap this ballooning functionality in the forms module for easy access

Sure! If you think it worth it :grinning:

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That would be great! Maybe you can find a better way than what i currently have.

Article for the reference:

And looks like it can have more advanced UI, i just could not figure out how to make it.


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