Automatic accept warning

Is there a way to automaticaly accept this warning when it pops up?

Yeah, try sth similar:
Ignore revit error (duplicate mark) - Revit API - pyRevit Forums (


I had to do a lot of digging and trying and failing until i figured it out!
I get this message every time after running a specific script.
So i added the code shown below:

class WarningFailureMessageClass(IFailuresPreprocessor):
    def PreprocessFailures(self, failuresAccessor):
        fail_acc_list = failuresAccessor.GetFailureMessages().GetEnumerator()
        for failure in fail_acc_list:            
        return FailureProcessingResult.Continue

def WarningFailureMessage(TR = transact):
    options = TR.GetFailureHandlingOptions()

I guess it will handle all warnings and not just the one i need to be handled, but that’s fine by me.
When i add “WarningFailureMessage()” to the end of my script it does the job.
Thanks for getting me on the right track! @Tomasz

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