Automate placing views on sheets


I am new to this forum as of today. I have several automation ideas that I have noted throughout the years and I figured this community would be a good start to try and materialize these ideas.

First issue which I am convinced someone must has already programmed is to automate placing views in sheets. I was hoping to be able to discuss with the pyRevit team to perhaps add tis feature?

Quick interface ideas :

  • left column = sheet list
  • drop-down menu to the right (several lines per sheet) to select views to add to each sheet
  • automated programming the lays out each view on the sheet (probably based on a grid with preset spacing between views).

Has anyone come into contact with a similar tool and/or is interested in working together to make this happen?

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Look at EF-Tool and also youtube from ErikFritz. Or when you need immediately a solution, look at the dynamo forum. You can in parallel migrate your ideas to python.

Awesome thanks andreas!