Anyone Having Issues Cloning from a GitHub Organization?

I’m currently in the process of moving all my pyRevit repos to a GitHub Origination now that I’m getting some contributors at my firm. I notice though that when I use the CLI to extend I get a 404 error when the CLI goes to clone the repo, i.e.:

Debug: Installing extension into "C:\pyRevit\Extensions\MyExtension.extension"
Debug: Cloning "" to "C:\pyRevit\Extensions\MyExtension.extension"
Error: unexpected http status code: 404 (pyRevitLabs.Common.PyRevitException)
   at pyRevitLabs.Common.GitInstaller.Clone(String repoPath, String branchName, String destPath, GitInstallerCredentials creds, Boolean checkout)
   at pyRevitLabs.PyRevit.PyRevitExtensions.InstallExtension(String extensionName, PyRevitExtensionTypes extensionType, String repoPath, String destPath, String branchName, GitInstallerCredentials credentials)
   at pyRevitCLI.PyRevitCLI.ProcessArguments()
   at pyRevitCLI.PyRevitCLI.Main(String[] args)

I’m still able to clone the repos that I have in my personal account so I’m wondering if this is an issue specific to GitHub orgs, and if anyone else has come across this.

Not sure how much it contributes, but going to the links being cloned when extending from my personal account & org account both resolve to 404s, however pyRevit CLI only seems to have an issue if it comes from the org.

Welp it ended up being user error (typo in the extension name). Not enough coffee today yet…


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